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Our holiday cottage can be found in the peacefull garden city of Keszthely (capital of Balaton) facing the thermal village of Hévíz (world famous spa) Our friendly house welcomes it’s guests all year round.
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Spa Hévíz

Hévíz situated very close to one of the largest lakes in central Europe, lake Balaton ( about three hours train journey from Budapest ) Heviz is unique in the fact that it is home to the largest thermal lake in Europe, covering 47,500 square meters, what makes this lake so special is that it is fed by a spring that delivers an average of 26,000 liters of water a minute, which means that the entire lake changes every 72 hours. The average temperature of the lake during summer is a very balmy 32 degrees and during the winter months the temperature never drops below 25 degrees, quite pleasent. There is another interesting feature about the thermal lake and this is its main selling point. The bottom of the lake is covered in a highly curative mud about 1 meter deep and this has been proven to have a high concentration of „ oestrogenous” substances of hormonal activity, especially suited for mud packs.

The curative effects of the lake are further enhanced by the high quantities of sulphur and radon int he water that can have a dramatic effect in treating loco motor disorders, regardless whether the disease manifests itself int he joints, extremities or the spine.

Components of the thermal water:

Potassium 6.8mg, Sodium 27 mg, Ammonium 0.23 mg, Calcium 81 mg, Mg 36 mg, Anions:
Chloride 23mg, Bromide 0,11 mg, Jodid 0,021 mg, Fluoride 1,4 mg, Sulfate 64 mg, Hydrogencarbonate 378 mg, Sulfide 3,2 mg, Other: Metaboric acid 0,5 mg, Metaflint acid 43 mg, Free Carbonic acid 86 mg, Oxygen 3,6 mg

So what else does Heviz offer apart from the therapeutic lake?

Well it is an absolutely fantastic place for any kind of Dental work, all the Dentists that operate there are University trained and most are licensed to work in other parts of Europe. The service is first rate, the quality is unrivaled anywhere, the price is incredibly low and best of all most Dentists will offer a five year guarantee, unheard of a lot of countries. There is also an abundance of Opticians that will give you a complete eye exam by a trained optician and then make you a pair of designer glasses in a day all for 50% less than you would pay anywhere else, fantastic.

Photos taken from Spa Hévíz

Autum in Hévíz

Spa Hévíz in winter